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Saris Bones EX 3 Bike Rack or Yakima FullBack 3 for 2017 Bolt?

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We are looking to haul our family bikes but would like an option that we could also attach to a rental/borrowed car if we needed to go on longer journeys. Does anyone have experience with these trunk racks on a 2017 Chevy Bolt? We are just transporting bikes for recreational use, so these are not fancy bikes (mostly kids' bikes), but I do not want to damage our car.

I am concerned as the comments about the Yakima FullBack as people have mentioned that the rack is very heavy (23 lbs.) and can put dents in your car.

The Saris website seems to indicate that the European Bolts can accommodate the Saris Bones EX 3, but the North American Bolts do not. Is there a difference in body shape of Bolts in Europe vs. North America? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I use a Fullback 3-bike on my 2019 and like it. I only use it for 2 bikes... fitting three might be tough without having the bikes contact each other, possibly putting scrapes in the bikes.

The biggest downside is that you can't open the hatch while it's installed. (I can give you details why that is if you're interested.) That's fine for me, because I would remove it after use even if I didn't have to - I don't prefer to keep a bike rack on my car when it's not in use. And I fold down part of the rear seat so I can access the cargo area without opening the hatch, while the rack is on the car. A minor downside is that you also can't use the rear wiper while the rack installed.

Yes, the rack itself is heavy but it hasn't dented my car at all yet. The rubber feet have left a couple of faint black marks beside the license plate but a wash and wax will take care of it.

I have a Thule that I'd used with my eGolf, but that one won't work with the Bolt. As you've probably discovered, it seems that there are very few hatch-mount racks that work with the Bolt because of the size and placement of the rear spoiler.

I don't have hard numbers, but I'd guess I lose about 30% of range with rack and 2 adult-sized mountain bikes on the car, while driving at highway speeds (65-75 mph). The rack itself is solid and I have no worries about it shifting or the bikes slipping even at highway speeds.
Thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience and thoughts on the Fullback. This information is enormously helpful and reassuring.
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