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Seat Swap: 2023 Bolt EV 2LT to 2017 Volt seat

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Hi friends!
I love our new 2023 Bolt EV, but HATE the seat! This was supposed to be our new family car, but I could never get comfortable in it, and it just seems to be getting worse. (Fortunately, my wife likes the car and has NO issue with the seats!)

I found out from another thread here that Gen 2 VOLT seats have the same bolt pattern.

My sister has a Gen 2 Volt, so I went to her place and compared the driver seat of the two cars. The Volt seat is wider - not by a ton - about an inch at the most, and it really depends where you are measuring it. But the important part is that it's a slightly different shape - one that won't pinch my hip bone!

Today, I went to a salvage yard and bought a driver's seat out of a 2017 Volt. It looks pretty good overall, and even has blue stitching on it, like our Bolt does!

I expect that mechanically, the seat will pop right in, but I'll need to figure out the difference in the wiring between the old and new connectors.

If anyone knows where I can find some good info on the pin-outs for the seats of the Bolt and the Volt, please let me know!

-Ben Nelson

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Based on this, I think that simply using hot glue would be a perfectly acceptable way to hold the wiring in place.
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Also, man am I sick of all the negative comments!
On social media, I have gotten HUNDREDS of comments about this. For the most part, it's also hundreds of Thumbs-up, but 9 out of ten comments are some variation on "but the air-bags!!!!". One person was convinced that swapping the seat would void the warranty on the entire car. Another person is convinced that building a pig-tail is going to randomly cause the air-bag to fire.
People never even read the comments that are already there, they just keep repeating negative, ignorant thoughts.

I have had a handful of private messages and the like sent to me saying something along the lines of "Thanks for doing this", "You're a pioneer", etc.
Those are the people I do this for!!!
I don't know about "social media" but we have one poster here, who I have secretly named "Debbie Downer" who can always be counted on to find the negative. Many here clearly find what you are attempting to be quite interesting, judging by the thumbs up.

But we have heated discussions here about extension cord adapters, so anything to do with airbags is certain to spark some controversy. Your connector won't win any beauty contests but it looks like it will do the job. I guess you know that if you ever ended up in court after an injury accident that brought the airbags into play that if the other side discovered the DIY project under the seat they would have a field day. But as long as you understand the parameters I say here's to more comfortable driving.
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