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Seems GM got it right by not having a hard coded navigation suite

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Recently, my wife bought a 2018 Audi which came with a navigation app in the system. Of course, being now almost six years old, the maps are sometimes out of date. On the Audi fora there are pages and pages of very complicated technogeek workarounds to update the maps. Maybe one-third of the respondents made it work, but at least two-thirds have days and hours of frustration trying to update the software maps.

In the 2017 Bolt, just plug in the iPhone and go about one's business.

jack vines
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"Seems GM got it right by not having an optional bucket seat that was comfortable!"

Recently, my wife bought a 2018 Audi which came with the choice of optional bucket seats that, for some, are more comfortable than the standard ones.
It all depends on whose ox is being gored: I still would have paid for an optional in-car navigation system, but you approve of GM not giving me THAT option!
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The point being made is the difficulty of keeping an in-car navigation system current. The Audi fora use a lot of bandwidth on threads attempting work-arounds to update the in-car system. From what I read, the updates are so complicated, the typical user need not apply. On one's phone, they're seamless and free.

jack viens
No the point you were making is how difficult it was for you and your wife to upgrade the Navigation factory installed into that specific model Audi.

While I agree with 99.6% of your overall posts and always tip my hat to how well researched and written they are; you are just too anecdotal on this one!

I have posted, over the years, my experience of putting down a deposit at a Chevy Dealer in August 2016 so that I would be able to lease a "fully loaded" Bolt EV when it arrived to that dealer, as it happened on January 3rd, 2017.

Mary Barra, the CEO of GM had already promised in her keynote speech at the January 2016 CES Conference in Las Vegas that the upcoming release of the Bolt would include an in-board Navigation system, and I had just that experience in my 2013 Chevy Volt that I was returning from its 3 year lease in September, 2016. So "fully loaded," Mary's promise and my experience as a current Chevy Volt driver, gave me the clear expectation that it would include such a system.

Now remember, the 2017 Bolt EV's Apple CarPlay was not wireless (until I purchased the 3rd party USB Bluetooth/WiFi Dongle some years later).

And at the time of my acquisition of the 2017 Bolt EV, I knew I qualified as a "Senior Citizen" because I have a Medicare Card in my wallet (thank you President Lyndon Johnson!).

And one of the features of being a Senior Citizen, and not a bug, is absent-mindedness. So quite often I would leave the Bolt in my detached garage with my iPhone still connected to USB, instead of being in my pocket, where it belongs; and as I would get ready for bed, I would realize why I could not have to find my iPhone in my flat and have to get dressed, and go out and get it! If not for an included Nav, I could have just kept my iPhone in my pocket each time.

Also, how many times did I need to "update" the maps on a 3 year lease? Zero, of course! But somehow everyone on this thread is following your prescription that I should NOT have the right to pay for that optional service, just like I did on my Chevy Volt!

And, for the record; as I have described in past threads on both this Forum and the now virtually defunct other one, as well:

1) there was one time during that lease that my personal security was put at risk because getting into my Bolt and quickly driving off did not allow me the opportunity to connect my iPhone and being in a situation where I needed guidance to the nearest freeway entrance without stopping, I had to awkwardly pull my iPhone out of my pants pocket and connect it! and

2) and as I have described, during the Pandemic and being house-bound, I frequently took car trips throughout SoCal and one time up in the mountains at the top of the Grapevine near Frazier Park, I just went "surveying" and past Pine Mountain Club, I wanted to find a new route back towards the Ocean and then drive home. But I found myself without cell service, no WiFi and no longer any internet maps as I came to a fork in the road!

Luckily, I went back to Pine Mountain Club, saw the proprietor of a now closed Diner, and she told me about some open WiFi in the town square, which I used to gain my bearings again and continue my drive!

How about GM removing the option of subscribing Sirius/XM from the Infotainment system because your wife did not subscribe to it in her Audi?!? Do you see MY point now?
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The only time I would like to have a Navigation program integrated in the car is when I am driving through an area without or with poor cell signal.
So, perhaps GM did not get it right by not offering an optional hard coded navigation suite! (double negative used for emphasis)

A close friend of mine followed me into leasing a Chevy Volt, although his lease expired some months into 2017.

After my Volt's lease expired in September 2016, and I put down a deposit at my dealer for a "fully loaded" 2017 Chevy Bolt EV when they arrived, my friend was also prepared to lease a 2017 Bolt EV.

When he discovered that my new 2017 Bolt EV had no option for hard coded navigation, he changed his decision against obtaining a Bolt EV and instead found a used lease for a Tesla Model S on one of those swap-a-lease websites. He has since replaced the S with a Model 3 used lease and another Model 3 used lease and is never again going to consider a GM EV product.
Or rolling down your window and having an old fashioned analog conversation with the local gentry.
Well snow was not my problem in late Spring, 2020 on my getting lost with no cellphone coverage (or OnStar WiFi coverage, which is just AT&T cellphone service, which many times is poorer coverage than my T-Mobile Cellphone).

But luckily even though it was the "hot" part of the shut-it down portion of the Pandemic, the proprietor of the local Diner back in Pine Mountain was cleaning up and so when I rolled down my window and had an analog conversation, she told me about the open WiFi available in the Town Center a few blocks down.
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