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Seems GM got it right by not having a hard coded navigation suite

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Recently, my wife bought a 2018 Audi which came with a navigation app in the system. Of course, being now almost six years old, the maps are sometimes out of date. On the Audi fora there are pages and pages of very complicated technogeek workarounds to update the maps. Maybe one-third of the respondents made it work, but at least two-thirds have days and hours of frustration trying to update the software maps.

In the 2017 Bolt, just plug in the iPhone and go about one's business.

jack vines
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The only time I would like to have a Navigation program integrated in the car is when I am driving through an area without or with poor cell signal.
So, perhaps GM did not get it right by not offering an optional hard coded navigation suite! (double negative used for emphasis)
Right. What I did find out is that when I use the in-car hotspot and I connect my phone to it, the GPS does work even if my phone itself has low or no signal. That's why I always buy some GB on the OnStar Data plan when I go in a vacation and I know there is no cell coverage (my company) in the area.
Nowadays there aren't many companies who don't offer a data plan with the new phone, but there might be those who still have a "flipper" and they only use it for calls. I agree that in that case, they would like to have onboard Navigation.
When I bought my Bolt, after my Volt who had Navigation onboard, I was sceptic. But then, given the kind of trips I am doing... I don't care anymore. BTW, to update the Navigation maps in my Volt it cost me about 175 CAD. Too much IMO.
Only if you were planning to purchase a fully loaded Premier to begin with. The extra $7k to go from an EUV LT to an EUV Premier with Sun & Sound can pay for a lot of cellular data.
True... but it is so much more convenient to have it onboard instead of paying for the Data plan. 7 000 over 5 years is about what ? 116 $ a month. On par with Data plans we have here (+ phone, of course). In the end, it's about the same, IMO.
You'd have to add the cost of the OnStar membership if you want those maps updated. Again, if you're already paying for OnStar, that's easy. But I would argue it's more common for people to already be paying for cellular data, and the built-in Nav + OnStar would be an additional cost, than the other way around.
Nowadays, yes. 5 years ago, the vice-versa was easier.
Google allows you to download maps for off-line use. I do it along the entire route when I'm traveling, both domestically and internationally.
That's true. What sucks is the fact that the area you want to download isn't easy to pinpoint on a cell. And I use mostly Maps, it seems more "clean" IMO.
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