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Seems GM got it right by not having a hard coded navigation suite

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Recently, my wife bought a 2018 Audi which came with a navigation app in the system. Of course, being now almost six years old, the maps are sometimes out of date. On the Audi fora there are pages and pages of very complicated technogeek workarounds to update the maps. Maybe one-third of the respondents made it work, but at least two-thirds have days and hours of frustration trying to update the software maps.

In the 2017 Bolt, just plug in the iPhone and go about one's business.

jack vines
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The only car I have ever owned with a built in navigation system was my 2013 Nissan Leaf. Nissan stopped offering map updates after 5 years, even to purchase. To me that is the biggest problem with integrated navigation. If the OEM decides to stop supporting it, then you’re stuck with obsolete maps. If I have the choice, I will never purchase a vehicle with built in navigation again unless it has some sort of permanent update path. I actually rather liked the nav in the Leaf.
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