I'm starting this thread to keep track of items that I am selling from my 2019 Chevy Bolt EV LT with ~83,500 miles on it that has been stripped bare to be used as a donor. The car is black with the Dark Galvanized / Sky Cool Gray (HO2 code) interior.

I'll try to keep a running list of items that are available in this post and update as I sell items. For pricing, find the item on a GM parts list and start at half of that.

"The Car"
  • Full car frame - the front half, starting at the B-pillar, is in fine condition - rear of that is not great.. nothing exists past the backseat.
  • No doors, no hatch back, no interior panels, no carpets. Literally the bare item.
  • Has Hood, front left and right quarter panels and trim pieces. Roof is good up to the B-pillar, but dented in rear of that.
  • Window is cracked
  • Under the hood, there are a few brake lines still in place and the main subframe that holds the EV motor.
  • Steering rack and suspension bar are included.
  • Suspension in front seems to be fine - rear is not.
  • Does not include wheels and tires, they will be removed.
Battery SHELL (Bottom frame, top cover, plus any brackets - no modules or electronics included) - Might be nice if you're a Chevy dealership and want to display the battery in a showroom.

Front Bumper - Harness and electronics removed.

Instrument Panel frame - Large plastic frame that makes up the dashboard and instrument panel area... but does not include all the little bits and bobs attached to it.

Airbags - None blew, so all are available. Curtain airbags on each side, rear seat airbags on each side, knee airbags on each side, and passenger dash airbag. Steering wheel airbag will be available in the future. Driver's seat airbag will also be available.

Seat Belts - The front ones fired in the impact, but are probably rebuildable. Has the interior panel, retractor, and anchor point all connected. The rear right seat belt retractor is also available.

Passenger Seat - Manually adjustable. Seems functional but could use a deep cleaning. All electronics (occupancy sensor, I think?) will be removed, except maybe the airbag.

Doors - I have the driver, passenger, and rear-right door available. The driver door is slightly split from the accident, but does look fine. Interior paneling is in fair condition (typical of 80k miles). These will be stripped of all wiring, so you'll get the outer door skin, window glass, and interior door panel.

Interior panels - Lots of these are available. Door trim pieces, center console (minus electronics), A-pillar garnishes.

If interested, make a reply or send a PM!