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Service in northern VA, & WV & eastern MD?

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I'm thinking of trying Stutzman Chevrolet in Winchester, VA, for my first Bolt service. Anyone have experience with them? Any other/better recommendations?
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I hadn't read about the 20 minute brake pedal and 12v battery requirements. I doubt either were met in my case. Hope it doesn't matter. I did belatedly notice that my hilltop mode setting and cruise control, both of which I usually have on, were switched off. Each must have been done either by the technician or the software. No problem; both easily switched back on.
Your 12 volt battery must have charged from the DC-DC recently. That was the case with mine, at the second software update. He popped the hood and put his charge device on it, and it said OK. He closed the hood, and sat in the car with the laptop for 20 minutes, two feet on the brake pedal. I was in and out in 30 minutes as well. I love small shops.

It definitely matters. You'd have been sitting with a flat 12 volt, if the update was done with it low.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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