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Several Curious Charging Questions

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1) If you have hilltop reserve on to limit your max charge to 90%, how does cold weather change the equation? For instance San Francisco is having some cold weather, and the mileage estimate is going down from around 212 to 180. If my charging session is complete in the morning, is the battery still charged to 90%? I was wondering whether the lower number suggests that maybe I might disable Hilltop. In truly cold climates much more extreme than San Francisco, I wonder how much more the maximum range is reduced.

2) I have the feeling that my 30 amp home charger slows down the number of miles per hour of charge, but I haven't actually tested it. I was wondering if this generally happens and if so, what exactly happening? Either the rate is slowing and it is actually not using as much power, or it is using the same amount of power but I am getting fewer miles per KWH. If the latter is true, then one might have incentive to plug the nozzle earlier.
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1) This was my record last winter season at the recall 95% charge limit. It was -16 F out and had been sub-zero the whole week before:
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I wouldn't disable hilltop unless you actually need the range.

2) The Bolt will use some extra energy from the wall to heat the pack up if it's cold out. I'm guessing what you're actually trying to say is because your efficiency is reduced when it's cold out, you're noticing that you don't get as many miles for the same charge time. This is because the Bolt isn't showing you the amount of energy that goes into the battery, but the estimated range based off your recent efficiency. Energy storage is still occurring at close to the same rate.
Wow - down to 107 miles range at -16F! That is really interesting to read for comparison. I know we're "soft" in San Francisco...
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