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SF to Palm Springs, doable on the 5?

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It seems like the options along the 5 are pretty slim and I might feel more comfortable taking 99, but it's such a long trip I want to cut down on time as much as possible. This would be first long distance trip in the Bolt. Is my fear misguided?
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"The 5 freeway": Google hits = 195,000
"The i-5 freeway": Google hits = 63,500

It's "the 5". Case closed. 😁

FYI, here's a similar length trip from south of Tuscon to Las Vegas:
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Detour to Blythe and Needles would be required. :confused:
”I-5”, 25 billion hits. “Interstate 5”, 158 million hits. I had never heard of putting the word “the” in front the name of a highway until it was satirized on Saturday Night Live in the “The Californians” skits. 😊
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"I-5", using quotes is only 83.6 million. Without quotes it ignores single letters so I-5 and 5 are the same results.
"the 5" is 248 million.

For me, and everyone I've ever spoken to in the last 50 years, it's the 5.
E.g. To get home you "take the 5", not "take the i-5". Everyone knows that the "5" is a freeway so the "i" is redundant. Do you drop the "i" for non-Interstate freeways? Then you have to know which freeway to put an "i" in front of and which ones not to depending on if they eventually cross state lines? 🤪

I suppose that in different locations people could be wrong about this. 😉
Yeah, I left off the quotes on I-5 intentionally to get a ludicrously inflated number. 😊

There is no ”I“ if it’s not an Interstate. So the Florida Turnpike is “the Turnpike“ and Interstate 95 is ”I-95”. And U.S Highway 441 is “441” and State Highway 7 is “7”. Route is an acceptable prefix for 441 or 7. Or do you refer to the famous Route 66 as “the 66”? 😊

I suppose people in Southern California could be wrong about this, but that’s OK. 😊
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