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SFO Charging?

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I'm thinking of taking the Bolt in from the Central Valley to SFO, but it's 111 miles one way, and I'd probably need to charge the car somewhere. Ideally, SFO.

I see that SFO offers free charging in their hourly garages. Wondering if anyone has had any good luck with finding an available charger in the middle of a workday. They have 44 charging stalls among the two international garages. . .

Also, I haven't found a good resource on HOV/Express Lane use and maps in Northern California for an EV driver. Here's what Caltrans shows on their website, not sure it's up to date:


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Can I use a regular FasTrak tag on the 580 express lanes, even though I will be charged?
The SFO trip was this morning. When I arrived around 11 AM at the international garages (A and G) all the L2 chargers were occupied. I drove back and forth between the two garages a few times, and the cars were not moving out. On closer inspection, probably 80% were not charging at all, as they were fully charged already.

The drivers who park their cars there are charging for free, and probably take the nearby BART into the City, and abandon their cars all day long. I walked around and unplugged any car not charging. A couple of them sounded their horns.
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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