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Share Pictures Of Your Battery Charger Set Up

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Share pictures of your battery charger set up with the Chevy Bolt EV Community.

(Garage, Side Of The House, Ceiling Set Up etc.)
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My two units on either side of the garage wall....
Gas Cable Electrical wiring Machine Wire
Brick Brickwork Electrical wiring Gas Cable
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Nice! I Love that they are made in Canada. They look simple and rugged, like our USA made Clipper Creek.
Yes Sir...I'm a domestic kind of guy first (CAN/USA/MEX) whenever possible. I understand that the components are offshore to a large extent but we need to do what we can locally.
Happy to say my Pacifica is made in Ontario and my Bolt is made in Michigan and they both have lots of parts from both sides of the border.
And I have been very happy with the EVSE's....the one on the outside wall was installed in 2018 when we got our Fusion PHEV and the inside one was added in 2020 when we got the Pacifica. The staff were good to work with in terms of upgrading the older one to be WIFI capable and thus I was able to use the existing 40A circuit for both. Saved a ton of money not installing a second circuit.
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1 - 2 of 165 Posts