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Shout out to Curry Chevrolet in Westchester NY

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It's getting hard-to-impossible to find a dealership to host a GM MSRP swap (at least in NY). Any dealership that has done one has lost money and spent a lot of time and customer-finessing to the point of needing to say "sorry" to even customers who bought their car there, not wanting to do another one ever again.

Curry stood by me even recently, understanding full well what all of this would entail. At the end, when someone else took my tagged Bolt I'm pretty certain I would have told me, "Sorry we can't help you anymore" if I was that salesperson/General Sales Manager. Instead these guys dipped into their actual Bolt inventory and I'm taking delivery soon. There was a lot of drama with my case that I won't bore this thread with, all on GM.

I bought my Bolt here because they negotiated fairly and didn't pull any crap. If the numbers were bad they let me know up front, etc. Nothing overly special but a solid purchasing experience. Seeing my personal case to the end though? I never would have expected a dealership to stick to it, especially when it's clear all of this was on GM.

So if you're in the market for a Bolt and can travel to Scarsdale NY, call up Curry Chevrolet and Mike Stanziani their Bolt guy. I bought one car from them, my Bolt, and it was a cheap one last Summer yet these guys went well above and beyond what would be expected from a dealership.

Much like I'm pretty certain 100% of dealerships in NY (trust me, I've called), I doubt they'll be taking MSRP swaps from people off the street any time soon, hence why I'm posting it here instead of in the buyback section! 馃榿

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It's getting hard-to-impossible to find a dealership to host a GM MSR
So your sticking with the Bolt.
Good to hear they fixed your long issues
l;dr: 80-90% yes, but will know 100% within the next month. Once we start putting miles on it, that's it we're keeping i
just signed a pretty good offer on Friday on a White 22. Will see what happens next. I could of got hit for 19000 miles but they only chraged me 7300. She said that wont change. had a great dealer in Clearwater fl. Dimmit

Will see how it goes
GM mailed me an offer that I signed. If you can sort out what that means, if anything (I'm guessing it means nothing).
What a mess. So the shout out has become a 鈥渟hout at鈥.
You had a signed offer and the dealer is required to sign that offer also. As the RC told me.
Secound sucks in a row.
Sorry to hear this
I believe heard if a east coast dealer is tagging a Bolt from the west coast distribution lot there is something different that needs to be done.
Check with the RC
I draw the line at me inferring what's going on. Every time I
I start bugging them with conjecture, it's just going to fog it up and put Curry one step closer to saying they're no longer going to do this.
it鈥檚 definitly been a frustrating process. Been dealing with this since around Nov. Some lucky fellow started his case in feb and tagged a bolt coming off the truck at the dealer. for that to happen I think that dealer would have to give up the allocation for that car. Which means less profit. So like 500 bs thier standard profit of like 1000 or so. 2.3 to 3% of MSRP.
I thought it was a lot more

I would not call asking what GM distribution lot the dealer can鈥檛 read as interfering. I am going by what the RC told me about a east side dealer looking for a car
In a west coast/side distribution center being tricky. The RC offered To talk to my dealer to help him do that. But it turned out not to be necessary.
best of luck
Hoping Lucy stays away from my football. Or my offer and vin #
maybe even financially depending on the situation, show your appreciation. Doesn't have to be like $500, doesn't have to be anything too thought out. I'm gonna grab a bourbon I like on the way t
I have been thinking about a fair figure for the gift. Of course it depends on what you get.
My credit looks to be 4K and giving them a car with over 20k miles.
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