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Shout out to Curry Chevrolet in Westchester NY

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It's getting hard-to-impossible to find a dealership to host a GM MSRP swap (at least in NY). Any dealership that has done one has lost money and spent a lot of time and customer-finessing to the point of needing to say "sorry" to even customers who bought their car there, not wanting to do another one ever again.

Curry stood by me even recently, understanding full well what all of this would entail. At the end, when someone else took my tagged Bolt I'm pretty certain I would have told me, "Sorry we can't help you anymore" if I was that salesperson/General Sales Manager. Instead these guys dipped into their actual Bolt inventory and I'm taking delivery soon. There was a lot of drama with my case that I won't bore this thread with, all on GM.

I bought my Bolt here because they negotiated fairly and didn't pull any crap. If the numbers were bad they let me know up front, etc. Nothing overly special but a solid purchasing experience. Seeing my personal case to the end though? I never would have expected a dealership to stick to it, especially when it's clear all of this was on GM.

So if you're in the market for a Bolt and can travel to Scarsdale NY, call up Curry Chevrolet and Mike Stanziani their Bolt guy. I bought one car from them, my Bolt, and it was a cheap one last Summer yet these guys went well above and beyond what would be expected from a dealership.

Much like I'm pretty certain 100% of dealerships in NY (trust me, I've called), I doubt they'll be taking MSRP swaps from people off the street any time soon, hence why I'm posting it here instead of in the buyback section! 馃榿

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So your stiking with the Bolt.
Good to hear they fixed your long issues
We're not certain yet. At this point we're leaning heavily towards "keep the Bolt" but it has nothing to do with the car itself and more to do with my personal situation with leases and junk. The financially better move would be to trade it now for an Ioniq 5 and pick up a new Bolt when the Kona lease is up.

I like GM's EV products, I really do, and could be made back into a "cheerleader" instead of a cynic pretty quickly. I truly applaud leading with the EV for all Americans instead of halo cars like the Mach-E, I like that they attacked both BEVs and hydrogen simultaneously. The Bolt itself is a solid car that I would reccomend to anyone considering one (who understands EVs, DCFC, etc.).

We're laying out extra out of pocket to get a nicer Bolt so, I think that means we're heavily tipping the scales to keeping it but I'll ask for them to rush the title just in case.

tl;dr: 80-90% yes, but will know 100% within the next month. Once we start putting miles on it, that's it we're keeping it.
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just signed a pretty good offer on Friday on a White 22. Will see what happens next. I could of got hit for 19000 miles but they only chraged me 7300. She said that wont change. had a great dealer in Clearwater fl. Dimmit

Will see how it goes
I just don't know enough to parse why some people get it done without a hitch and others have extreme drama. All I know is Curry is a bit far from me so I tried a few by me and my in-laws and got a bunch of "no"s. Took going back to the dealership I bought it from for them to say yes. Even that started with GM drama (again, don't get me started, would take pages for me to go through it all).

I had 0 usage on my car when bought it and the recall was announced (August '21) so I got full credit, no usage fees. If it weren't for inflation I'd have made out like a bandit but "purchasing power" or however you want to measure it, I'm essentially getting the same car just one MY newer and paying extra for leather seats, sun roof, etc. Don't want to go into too many specifics as I don't know if the agreement is supposed to be secret. Keeping it to generalities and what the process was.

It's fine, I was never really looking to make out on the deal. I'm sure if I signed on to the class action or tried to find the best resale value GM vehicle and swapped that I could have "played" my way into a really good deal but I'm really just happy to put this saga to bed. And again, a White Bolt EUV Premiere w/ Sun and Sound is a great car that we're going to be really happy to have for probably the next decade.
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Dealership just pulled the deal at the last second. This is never going to end.
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No idea, just got to the end and the sales manager was like, "we'll do any of the things, but we're not giving him our car."

Who knows wtf GM said to them to get them to back out. It had to f them in some way.

Shame we had literally like just decided we were going to keep the car for good. Someone can convince me there's some kind of spirit following me around lately. Puck, personally taking interest in my life.
I was working with a salesperson. At times the RC and the salesperson were in touch with each other, at least for the final paperwork.
So the salesperson made you an offer, and the sales manager canceled that offer?

It seems to me like the salesperson made you an offer in good faith, and the dealership should be bound by that offer. Don't know what options you have to enforce the offer, though.
Salesperson agreed to work with GM on my swap. GM mailed me an offer that I signed. If you can sort out what that means, if anything (I'm guessing it means nothing).

I also would want to know why the dealership said no before I started to play hardball with them. There's no reason for them to be my friend then pull the rug out last minute unless some **** was sprung, right? This was their own dealership inventory, I didn't order anything. There's no reason for them to go, "sure!" then "no!" other than something wasn't what they expected.
Again, not sure I want to point my finger at the dealership here, what happened for them to go from "yes" to "no" was something between them and GM I'm not privy to.
My guess is that the dealership was informed that your "trade in" doesn't belong to them, but rather to GM. That's the potential profit the dealership may have been expecting (flipping your trade in).

Also, I didn't understand your last message about playing hardball. Did you play hardball, or were you saying you didn't play hardball and that's what doesn't make sense?
When I was trying to find a dealer to host the swap, one of the general sales managers I got friendly with and he told me that apparently "MSRP to us isn't MSRP to GM" meaning they're probably only giving them the money minus markup and hold back. He didn't say that specifically and didn't want to say but he said they lost thousands and said they only ever went through with it in the end because it was a returning customer. I've also heard of stories on here or Reddit or the Facebook group where this exact thing happened, the dealership pulled the deal at the last second.

My guess is this is what happened. Something has to happen for these dealerships to be changing their mind.

I'm saying I don't want to play hardball with the dealer. Assuming something like this did happen it's kind of the third f'd up thing GM did to them.
She's trying to find another dealership. Again, I do not want to drag these guy's name through the mud. I may not know the details of what caused this all to blow up in the very end but I was definitely present and aware of the other crap that was pulled that was f'd up and have to assume it was just more of that. It's entirely possible if not plausible their General Sales Manager entertained this for longer than I would have.

Saga, ongoing.
SOP is the sales manager determines deals and pricing. Your idea that the dealership reneged because the trade wasn't lucrative is probably correct. GM pricing to dealer on Bolts is pretty stingy. Gross profit assuming MSRP is $1000. Subtract prep costs and a mini commission to the salesperson there's not much net profit left. If the dealer doesn't view you as a customer with long term loyalty potential, there's no incentive to take a pin money deal.
I'm their customer and was trying to work for them. So I'm guessing you're right and it was truly offensive with actual lost money as that other GSM was telling me. I'm sure it was compounded by all the drama. We'd be sitting there waiting to take delivery of a Bolt and just, "Hey so we sold that to someone else, you tagged it right and did everything right, but we sold it anyways, and it can definitely happen again."

How could you not be like "f this" if you're that GSM?
I could have told you Curry sucks. I鈥檓 local and since they鈥檙e close I thought I鈥檇 give them a try. Bad move. Clueless 鈥榮ervice advisors鈥, scratched front bumper during service and the never returned 鈥榳e鈥檒l call you when the battery arrives鈥 phone call. Horrible!
I don't know about their service center but I've had no problems with their sales. They're even going back and looking at the November Bolts for me right now.

I jumped the gun, clearly. I signed the agreement and I thought it was a done deal and was just excited and wanted to recognize them sticking through this.

I'll update this thread when the saga completes but at this point I'm really not getting the feeling the dealership has pulled anything and is continuing to try and work for me. (voluntarily, I might add)
They've been trying to tag a Bolt for me for a few days now and the system apparently is locking out east coast dealers. They have no way to know when or if it will be fixed and just want the dealer to keep trying.

Someone again tell me this is the dealership's fault lol.
I believe heard if a east coast dealer is tagging a Bolt from the west coast distribution lot there is something different that needs to be done.
Check with the RC
I draw the line at me inferring what's going on. Every time I do people get upset, so. Like when she quotes back to me the lemon law of my state over and over again so I quote back to her the stipulation that says they have to deliver the option in 30 days and she's like, "This is voluntary! Not arbitration!"

So, we follow the law, but only parts that GM wants to follow?

It's whatever man, she speaks, I jump, I keep thanking Curry for dealing with the drama, whatever the **** gets me out of this nonsense the fastest.

I start bugging them with conjecture, it's just going to fog it up and put Curry one step closer to saying they're no longer going to do this.
PS: What's easier, getting a car in 1980 USSR or getting a swap done with GM in 2022? I'm really going to go with getting a car in 1980 USSR.
I think I have a tagged Bolt now with Curry, but don't want to pretend like it's a certain thing until agreements are signed on all sides and car is being delivered.

Just want to hop on and say buy your salesperson a gift card or a bottle of booze or something if you're doing a swap. The dealership and your sales person is really having to deal with a ton of crap with no real benefit to themselves. The reason you can't find dealerships to host is because they're all doing it once or twice, getting fed up and saying, "never again."

If you're swapping your Bolt, the dealership who is helping you has taken a hit in time invested and maybe even financially depending on the situation, show your appreciation. Doesn't have to be like $500, doesn't have to be anything too thought out. I'm gonna grab a bourbon I like on the way to delivery. Was going to be something more but other car salespeople talked me out of it but said definitely any tip was warranted and would be appreciated.

They're essentially stuck in a place where it's obvious the defect is GM's fault, not the dealership network and GM is playing hardball on the financials with them and the process is straight up broken in places. They're either doing it because they think it's the right thing for the customer or because they feel stuck once the process gets started and is a nightmare and want to protect their reputation and not pull out. Again, this is why people are finding it hard to find a dealership to host a swap.
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