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Small Random Glitches

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I'm approaching 4 months and 4k miles with my car, and have accumulated a handful of small glitches. What troubles me is that they aren't exactly failures where something needs to be replaced, they are just occasional errors that go away.

On 3 occasions, I've had the 'Remote Not Detected' error, as if my remote battery had died. Opening the door triggers a series of honks, then the car won't start until I put the remote into the pocket in the center console. This has happened with both remotes now, and it's not the remote battery. Yes, I know there's a tech bulletin about this one, but I haven't gone in to get it fixed yet. But there are literally weeks or even months between these events, first two were in warm weather and most recent was in cold, so I don't know what might be triggering it.

On 1 occasion, I started the car and got an error message about side detection not working. For the next hour on the interstate my blindspot side mirror indicators didn't come on. However, next time I started the car, no problem.

On the 3rd time I got the 'Remote Not Detected' error, the touch buttons for the heated seats (both sides) also seemed to be malfunctioning. I would touch the screen, the word 'Auto' was gone, but it would never give me any red dots or start heating the seat. I did a reboot of the infotainment screen, and it didn't fix it. But the next time I drove, heated seats were available again.

This one is pretty regular: my iPhone will disconnect and then reconnect it's Bluetooth connection multiple times per drive, maybe every 5-10 minutes.

There's a couple other events that I can't recall right now, but they also fall into the category of a system fault that disables some non-essential feature, but then goes away next time I drive.

The reason I'm bringing this up is that I'm a software developer, and have to look for patterns like this all the time. Non-repeatable errors are the hardest thing in the world to diagnose. You start wondering if they are related to things you aren't thinking about, like time-of-day, background activity, communication from outside sources, memory or communication bus failures, etc.

Does anyone else see small random glitches like this, and can we find a pattern? The only common pattern I can think of is that none of these glitches have happened at home, they were all in parking lots away from my house.
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I am at nearly 18 months and 31K mi (50M meters), and I no longer see the little tantrums that kEVin throws as "glitches" .. you see, a glitch (at least the prototype word in Yiddish and German) means a one-off, accidental and unexpected slip, like you'd stumble on an even surface.

Whereas kEVin's little e-crazies are, so to speak, intrinsic to his personality of a prototype platform car that was never intended to be a commercial product.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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