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So you want a new Kia EV6 ??

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I'm on the list at our local Kia dealer. This just in today, 2/15/2022:

So the two coming in next week are both the AWD Wind Model. One is White the other is Glacier colored. We are currently at $10,000 above MSRP on them, but I can always try for a better price for you. Thank you,
Thanks for the update, but no, thank you.

jack vines
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It takes work, but definitely look at Kia threads/forums since as posted on that reddit link, there are dealers willing to just sell at MSRP. People like to say how it's impossible to replace a Bolt (so I'll just keep it) with anything else out there without a markup, but that's a lie and "most" new cars can be bought at MSRP if someone is willing to wait or do some work/research/searching for the right dealer.

I think Jack (OP) is just posting this to make it sound like MSRP is impossible on anything else to spread the markup scare since he's very happy with the Bolt, but again, it's a lie that MSRP is impossible for most new EVs. They are very possible and don't think it's not out there.
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No need to disparage motivations. There are plenty of anecdotal criticisms of GM dealership experiences here, and (most) people understand they are anecdotal.

In terms of car prices in general, it may be possible to purchase a car at MSRP, but the data indicates that most buyers (87%) are paying higher than MSRP:

I just felt this whole thread was unnecessary and just a way to make it sound like MSRP pricing is impossible for EVs.

ICE cars are also marked up as well and used cars are overpriced as are new GM trucks, Camaros, you name it so it's not just the Kia EV. Plenty of people have/did/can get new EVs at MSRP or even less honestly, but the way the post was formed from an old time member who is quick to defend the Bolt with how great it is for them (the Bolt is fine since I bought and owned one as well) seems a bit disingenuous in regards to Kia EV pricing.
The model will change eventually. Old folks will die off and young folks have no/less issues ordering things online more than old people.

Every Tesla user orders online, picks it up and moves on with life. The Internet for shopping has made the whole browsing in the mall less necessary. Doesn't mean 100% everyone will do that, but pretty much most everyone ordering the Mach-E, F150EV, Lyriq reserved a car, ordered it online and will pick it up.

I'm old so I'll probably die off before this fully changes, but with the pandemic and less cars on dealer lots, I think manufacturers will use this to their advantage and try not to overproduce and be forced to offer discounts for cars on lots.
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