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So you want a new Kia EV6 ??

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I'm on the list at our local Kia dealer. This just in today, 2/15/2022:

So the two coming in next week are both the AWD Wind Model. One is White the other is Glacier colored. We are currently at $10,000 above MSRP on them, but I can always try for a better price for you. Thank you,
Thanks for the update, but no, thank you.

jack vines
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The documentation fee was created to cover the F&I overhead if a customer paid cash or used an outside lease. Then, F&I discovered they could also double dip by charging the document fee to customers who used their in-house financing. The thievery got so bad, many states have passed statutes limiting document fees; the ranges are from $65 to $300. The above-mentioned $599 is in one of the states with an especially strong NADA lobby.
I think you're over-complicating it.

The "Doc Fee" is just another in a long line of Dealerships "tricks" and scams that allows them to falsely advertise a price on a vehicle for sale.

That's all it is.

And although states have put a limit on these "Doc Fee" numbers, it really doesn't matter what the number is.

All that matters is ... you know what the number is beforehand, so it can be factored into the Out-The-Door price.

What you don't want to happen is to arrive at the Dealership not knowing this number, thinking you're about to sign the papers on a good deal, and then "get the bomb dropped on you" in the form of a last-minute $699 "Doc Fee"!!

... and this, of course, is exactly what the Dealerships had in mind when they concocted this scam.

It has nothing at all to do with "filling out paperwork" ... or "prepping your new car" ... or whatever other cockamamie reason the Sales Staff tells you it's for.

It's just another Dealership scam.
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@MisterJJ : I’ll buy anywhere on the Eastern seaboard, from northern New England to Florida.

I’ve found Virginia to be the absolute worst for the Doc Fee B.S. Sky high fees across the board, and they don’t stop there, either! They collect local fees, too! And if you buy out-of-State, they’ll hit you with their State taxes on top of all that! Had a co-worker who bought his Ford F250 Diesel and then a loaded Ford Edge in Virginia. Both times he got whacked on the taxes, then had to apply for a rebate. Not sure if he got it all back or not.

Stay away from VA if you don’t live there.
I like full disclosure. It gives a more realistic idea of what an early adopter like you actually paid vs those of us who bought Bolts more recently. In most cases, I don't think the difference is as great as one might think from reading your posts.
I've always been under the impression that the "early Bolt buyers" paid about $10,000 more than those who bought during the "fire sale" of the 2020 and 2021 model years. I mean ... I almost bought a 2020, and then a 2021 Bolt LT that would've only cost me ~$18k out-the-door (OTD).

$40k MSRP (Bolt LT with 3 pkgs)
-$8k GM Rebate
-$7k Dealer Discount (Donohoo Chevy, AL)
-$3k Costco Discount
$22k Sub-Total
-$4200 GM Card "Points"
+$200 Dealer "Fee"
$18,000 out-the-door
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