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So you want a new Kia EV6 ??

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I'm on the list at our local Kia dealer. This just in today, 2/15/2022:

So the two coming in next week are both the AWD Wind Model. One is White the other is Glacier colored. We are currently at $10,000 above MSRP on them, but I can always try for a better price for you. Thank you,
Thanks for the update, but no, thank you.

jack vines
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There were several reports on reddit just today that it's pretty common for dealers initially ask for markups and eventually settling for MSRP. For example here someone mentioned dealer went from 10K markup to MSRP: I think it was common having 5-10K markup on Ioniq5/EV6 but those are rapidly seems to be shrinking. It seems the shortage slightly easing up but dealers are still trying to pull a fast one.
The claims that dealerships doing worse now is a complete lie propagated by dealerships. They have made a record profits last year selling new cars. It's true that they currently sell less cars than before. For US production cuts were ~3million cars, but still net sales were about 15million cars. Meaning dealers sold roughly 20% less cars. But profits per car went multiple X than before, not only now they charge at least MSRP but also often some markup on top of it. So net this market is way more profitable for them.

So no need to feel bad about dealerships, negotiate those markups down. They are not gonna take them out unless you ask them too.
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Dealers should already loose their influence, they completely destroyed any credibility during this shortage. Not that they ever had a high moral standards to begin with. They should lose monopoly on selling cars so manufacturers could sell directly.

I don't need unnecessary extra greedy intermediary whos only goal is to screw me by constant lying and trying to install overpriced useless addons which I don't need. If I know what to buy based on online research and could secure my own financing they have zero value to me while costing extra headache and few extra grand $ on top of it.
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