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So you want a new Kia EV6 ??

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I'm on the list at our local Kia dealer. This just in today, 2/15/2022:

So the two coming in next week are both the AWD Wind Model. One is White the other is Glacier colored. We are currently at $10,000 above MSRP on them, but I can always try for a better price for you. Thank you,
Thanks for the update, but no, thank you.

jack vines
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It in my recent experience seems really dependent on the dealers. We have been testing driving cars for my son and one Hyundai dealer we stopped at the salesman we talked with kept telling us they didn't have any of the cars on the lot. The markup is X for this model and X for that model and we don't go any lower. That they all sell online before they ever make it to the dealership. So I took a stroll around their lot and found 5 of the exact car I asked about. So I approached a different salesman to ask about those 5 cars and then test drove two of them because they were in fact not sold. So some dealers and salesman are trying to take advantage of the news around all of the shortages and such.

I expect many in my area get away with it being there is a large population and a lot of money in the area. So I expect they are able to sell this line to those who have the money and would rather just pay whatever they ask for to get their car.

Not all the dealers we have went to have been like this. A few said there was a markup but once we started to leave they said if we bought today they would make an exception and give us MSRP.
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