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Your Uber application in worst case winter, yeah, we get it the Bolt was not a good fit. Having said that, I've had some Japanese cars which wouldn't put out enough heat to keep the windshield defrosted in worst case winter. YMMV.

jack vines
Did those cars, by any chance, begin with the letter H? I recall it took my hybrid CRV about 7 minutes in the winter (in northern VA, not MN!) to start blowing lukewarm air, and it never got really warm. One of the reasons why I got rid of it before it even hit 20K miles.

@OneEV; Oh, I don't know if in 1 year from now the Equinox will be quite ready for you (since you are not allergic to ICE vehicles, so are not under pressure to buy a BEV just because it doesn't have an ICE).

Today every manufacturer seems to be struggling with getting EVs to the market on time, and to ramp up production to the levels, necessary for keeping up with the demand. This means it would be hard to get a good bargain for the first year or two. Also, I feel GM will find a way to ensure the all trims of the Equinox EV is equipped with a generous suite of OEM bugs that will take a year or two to unbug. All in all, now being 2023, I think it would be sometime towards the end of 2025 when we should give the Equinox a good look.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts