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@OneEV: I'm waiting for the Equinox, too. I saw the Bolt for what it was ... a Commuter ... and it would've been fine for me for that purpose ... but I've already got a zero-cost, fully-depreciated Commuter (2002 Impala, bought brand new, with almost 253,000 miles on it now). Didn't need another Commuter.

So ... we'll see what the Equinox brings. But I'm not holding my breath because I'm expecting the worst! The initial Equinox will have a totally "off-the-charts" price ... way more than I would ever consider paying for any automobile ... and then the mid-trim Equinox (that I'd be interested in) will very likely be pushing $40k ... and then it'll depend on how much I can get that number down.

But if they won't budge on it ... it'll be another gas vehicle for me. I don't care ...
1 - 2 of 25 Posts