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Sometimes I weep for this country

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I guess I have to hope it's just a collection of drunken idiots with IQs slightly lower than their ages.
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I'd never condone property damage, but I've gotta admit more sympathy for people trying to prevent environmental destruction than for those that are peeved by the idea.
A question: what do we call a movement that is seeking to coerce others into accepting their ideology by terrorizing and intimidating them, e.g. through threatening them with bodily harm and destroying their property?
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I'm not a radical nut job. To each their own. Live and let live!
If I am not mistaken, it was Plato who wrote in The Republic 2,400 years ago something to the effect of: "Justice ensues when people take care their own business and avoid meddling in others' affairs".

Yet we still keep seeing the public debate space constantly invaded by all kinds of opinionated, self-righteous, grandstanding "justice warriors", posing as saviors of all humanity.

When I pull up in my truck to help idiot's out of snow banks because
they drive their Prius like an @ss Hat, they sure as sh!t don't care
that I'm driving a big diesel truck then. Careful for what you wish for.
Everything in this country gets to it's destination via, diesels.
Even your highly touted, Bolt came by diesel train and truck
so you could buy and enjoy it.
Many people who are bashing "big oil", "diesel", "fossil economy" etc. do not have a good understanding of industry in general, of how everyday things are made from, how they are moved around in the globalized economy etc.
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Alcohol + big trucks + too many bneers = dumb actions.
Never mix bneer with alcohol :):D
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