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Soon to be 2019 Bolt owner (if it ever makes it's way to TX)

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Ordered a Midnight Gray Bolt Premier Mid August!

Got built surprisingly fast... in 2 weeks I had a VIN and confirmation that it was built and moved from Mi to OH where it has sat for the last 5 weeks.

I understand that many have waited much longer for theirs, It's just frustrating knowing that it exists and is in a Lot somewhere (I guess) waiting for delivery.

I have checked for updates via Chevy's online chat system a few times, they always say to contact my dealer for more information, however I've dealt with the general manager of a local dealership here who is a family friend and only deals with mid - large size companies buying / maintaining fleets... so it hasn't been the typical car buying experience. I don't feel comfortable badgering him for an update or to get it en route unless I knew it was going to be effective.

I'm also slightly concerned that this car might sit in the dealer's lot for a while before the GM realizes it / has time to give me a call... lol

Guess my questions are... does anyone have any real world experience with tracking their delivery? Can the dealer give me any more real information / estimate than Chevy can? Or..... should I just try to forget about it and be surprised / excited when I get confirmation?
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1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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