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Speed Warning cannot adjust

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My 2017 Bolt (manufactured 11/2017) pops up the speed warning whenever I cross 55 mph.
Yes, I have read the manual that says I should be able to adjust this limit, but I have not been able to change it.
The only way I have been able to suppress the warning is to register my fob as a teen driver.
My attempts to change the limit:
1) Drive over 55
2) Warning pops up
3) Press V (check)
4) warning goes away, pressing the up or down triangles at this point does nothing
Am I missing something, or did the programming change?
I don't understand the manual when it says this feature can be turning off by pressing V (check),
when this is also how you set the limit. How can one button do both actions that are contradictory?
(And a third action of simply dismissing the warning pop-up.)

Manual says:
Speed Warning : The speed
warning display allows the driver to
set a speed that they do not want to
exceed. To set the speed warning,
press [check] when Speed Warning is
displayed. Press [up triangle] or [down triangle] to adjust
the value. Press [check] to set the speed.
Once set, this feature can be turned
off by pressing [check] while viewing this
page. If the selected speed limit is
exceeded, a pop-up warning is
displayed and a chime may sound.
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Using the Arrow controls on the right steering wheel stalk, you should be able to get to a menu that I displayed along side the main speedo screen (not the entertainment center screen).

Start by pushing the left arrow and the menu will appear to the left of the speedo -- it will have Vehicle Info, Audio, Phone, OnStar Nav, Layout and Options. Choose "Options" with the up/down arrow to highlight it and then right arrow to delve into its list of options.

Scroll through them with the down arrow and choose Speed Warning by pressing the right arrow. A menu will pop up to the right of the speedo -- use the up/down keys to adjust the warning seed and the checkmark to set it.

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Photos for changing Speed Warning

Here are some screen shots to help with the above instructions.



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