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Spring In South Texas

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Went on a nice drive yesterday to Cat Spring Texas. About an hour north of Houston. The flowers were in full display so I stopped and took this shot. The black tint on black Bolt looks really nice. Does an amazing job of keeping the Texas sun out of all those windows.
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That looks really good.

Understand, that in some locales, having tint that dark is a violation of the vehicle code, and the offender is fined, and required to correct the offending dark tint.

I know that in California, that is far too dark. Such dark tint also makes it exceedingly difficult for other drivers to look through a vehicle to see approaching traffic, while making a right turn at a stop.
I just crossed the country with 17% tint on my Bolt. I drove around San Diego and LA area for two weeks, and through 14 states, all of which no doubt would have a problem with the darkness of my tint (including my own state).

As my brother in LA suggests, cops in CA don't even seem to be enforcing any laws on the highways in CA, they are mostly absent unless there is an accident. There are far more pressing things for cops to be pulling drivers over for.

So, for those who choose to go dark, follow the rules of the road, avoid getting pulled over for other reasons, and the cops will ignore your tint.

I would argue, despite dark tint, the rear camera display on the rearview mirror makes seeing out of any of the windows (other than windshield) pretty much irrelevant. The camera angle is so wide, it virtually eliminates the need to look over my shoulder to make a lane change or back out of a parking spot.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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