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Squirrels eating my wire covers

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In September 2019 I found squirrels nested under the front hood of my 2017 Bolt (bought new), four good sized squirrels sleeping there. Electronics had gone haywire so I wondered and opened the hood. They'd eaten through wiring, $2400 in repair bills. In late December 2020 they came back and began another nest but had not birthed any babies, however the wiring is again haywire and I'm going in next week for a second round of repairs. Are wires on EV's covered with a soy based material? Are squirrels eating tofu? I have now bought mothballs, peppermint/cinnamon oil spray, possibly dryer cloths, and am realizing this is a real problem. I don't have a garage but I've never had this problem leaving cars outside. Ideas? I hear Toyota hybrid owners are having a similar problem as the manufacturers get away from petroleum based wire covers. Just mix in some repellent to the soy product!
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Wires in many newer cars are soy based, not just EVs.
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