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So I think the rattle I am hearing from the front end is a bad stabilizer end link on the passenger side, but I am hoping folks here can help confirm. I am not sure what I expected to find when crawling under the car, but both stabilizer end links look the same at first. But I can sort of twist the bottom of the passenger side by hand. I can’t on the driver side. The little rubber boot seems to be intact. But I am assuming the connection within the boot is broken. Does this seem right?
My previous Bolt EV 2019 had the link kit changed twice within 50 000 km.
It is a known "weak" spot on the car. Usually, one or both joints become slack. I opened one post-replacement and noticed contamination inside that deteriorated the grease. Likely water infiltration.

There was an interesting post recently in this forum where another owner found a compatible replacement part from another manufacturer (non-OEM part) that appeared much sturdier. He included the part number and brand name.
I suggest you look for it.
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