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Starting to see some decent end of year deals

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When I leased the Bolt in June of 2017, GM Employees were not even able to get GMS pricing, employee pricing, on the Bolt. Not that I would have been entitled to it as a consumer anyway, but a sign of the lack of incentives. They typically restrict GMS pricing on high demand vehicles & new introductions.

Bolt deals have been scarce, in upstate NY, most all of this year.

I just received this email from GM touting GMS pricing for everyone and $1,500 off. I have also read a couple of threads here with some surprisingly low sale prices.

Just this national advertised deal amounts to:

$3,125 off for GMS
$1,500 Cash Allowance
$7,500 Federal Tax credit
$2,000 NYS drive electric rebate
Total of $14,125 discount

December sales might be bigger than I thought for the Bolt EV...


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Bolt deals have been scarce, in upstate NY, most all of this year.
That's odd. I bought my Bolt from Maguire in Upstate NY in September. I had to leave PA to get it since we had just one Bolt here at a dealer, and they didn't seem like they liked selling them or wanted to get any more in.

The day I went to pick mine up from Maguire, they told me there were getting 14 more in. They also had a few sitting around on the lot but were reserved.
I looked at CarGurus just now which I used, and I see Ithaca NY still has 7 2019 Bolts listed. That's Maguire.

Probably a better way to go newer than going older, considering 2019s are still around and you'd get newer features and probably some great deals going into 2019.
GM is definitely going to need to drop prices in compliance states.
Not really. It's not like they are going to flood the market. People seem to think everyone is going to get a Kona, lol. There just aren't enough of them to go around. There are going to be a lot of disappointed faces... just remember what the Model 3 wishers looked like earlier this year.

Every Kona that they are planning to sell in a place like CA are likely already spoken for by someone who knows the difference between a Model 3, a Bolt and a Kona.

I don't see Hyundai cranking out tons of them and people who don't/won't be able to get one will "settle" for a Bolt, Model 3 or something else probably. It's happened already with the Model 3 and people got tired of waiting and bought something else they could get right away.
Not clear to me what you think is odd, I was not trying to decide between old and new, I already have one. Also, I was not saying that Bolts were not stocked or have been hard to find recently, I was saying that deals on Bolts have been hard to find this year, IMHO.

Still, nothing yet like the deals late summer and end of the year last year...
No worries then, bud. The deal I got there was more than enough for me to jump states, even without qualifying for one single discount. Nice to know people can get additional savings as well since then.

Good job.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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