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Starting to see some decent end of year deals

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When I leased the Bolt in June of 2017, GM Employees were not even able to get GMS pricing, employee pricing, on the Bolt. Not that I would have been entitled to it as a consumer anyway, but a sign of the lack of incentives. They typically restrict GMS pricing on high demand vehicles & new introductions.

Bolt deals have been scarce, in upstate NY, most all of this year.

I just received this email from GM touting GMS pricing for everyone and $1,500 off. I have also read a couple of threads here with some surprisingly low sale prices.

Just this national advertised deal amounts to:

$3,125 off for GMS
$1,500 Cash Allowance
$7,500 Federal Tax credit
$2,000 NYS drive electric rebate
Total of $14,125 discount

December sales might be bigger than I thought for the Bolt EV...


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The dealer we bought from in July 2017 is offering a 2019 like ours, but with the Driver Confidence package, which I didn't want, for $4K less than we paid after dickering. There are definite advantages to coming late to the party.
Yes there are and I knew that going in. I knew for a fact that my car would be much, much cheaper and even somewhat better if I waited but... I really didn't want to wait. No regrets so far.
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