I have a used Stealth Hitches hitch and 2" receiver that was on my Chevy Bolt from July 2021-January 2022, then was removed for our Bolt Buyback by Chevrolet.

It was great for use for a bike rack and other cargo. As printed on the label, it has a max payload of 500lbs, and max towing capacity of 3,500 (with the towing attachment, not included).

The thing that I like about the stealth hitches is that when not in use, you can remove the receiver part and stow it, and there's no protrusion to be seen anywhere. When it's in use, it's locked on so it can't easily be stolen.

I did the install myself, and consider myself only semi-handy. It was 2-2.5 hours. Instructions included in case you want to go that route. We were able to find a mechanic for the removal, they charged only 1 hour shop time.

Apparently Stealth Hitches decided recently to go "upscale" and stopped making these for the Bolt, but they still make them for Tesla, VW, etc.

The current price of this base package on their website is $558 plus shipping. It's the "Rack + 2" receiver kit." Even though they stopped making the bolt-specific kit, if you want to tow a trailer you could still purchase a ball mount (eg 5" Ball Mount (Long)) plus a brake wiring kit.

Note that on the flat plates there is some chipping from installation and removal, so if I were going to reinstall this I'd touch it up to prevent future rust. Right now I can only find one of the two keys that came with it, if I find the other I will update here.

It is shippable from zip code 83638, located in Central Idaho.