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Sure Looks Like a Bolt!!! 😎

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2024 Buick Encore GX sure looks like a close Sister to me. 😎
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I parked beside an Encore the other day, and though there are a number of differences... they do have a definite likeness.

I was surprised to see the front console and shifters in the Encore. Look familiar?

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I guess this explains why the interior/center ended up like it did.

I wonder if that Encore has a somehow adjustable center armrest though?

I flippin' HATE that in my 2023 .. My elbow hurts from resting on the front edge all the time unless I contort my right arm and force it further back

Edit: Looks like it simply has a fixed center armrest that extends further forward. I wish I could get that in the 2023 Bolt, even if it blocks the rear cupholder height. I would trade that in a heartbeat for actual right arm resting/comfort

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