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Take a look at the Aptera .... not exactly a direct competitor to Bolt, but at $25K with 250 mile range, fascinating

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They started development of this several years ago, but were too far ahead of their time, and closed down.
Recently resuscitated looks like they might actually get to market this time.

It can apparently really be significantly charged but its own solar panels in many climate zones, and in one configuration has a 1000 mile range.

I actually put a $100 deposit on one to hold my place in line.

---- added notes FWIW after seeing others' comments ---
I ordered one with the 400 mile range. In truth with our pattern of use and the fact that the 250 mile version can be fully re-charged in an hour at a level-2 charger 250 would be plenty.
Of note and interest to me is that it has no drive train. The motors are right in the hubs. That means no CV-joints, etc, to fail.
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We have three wheel "cars" because the law doesn't allow four wheeled motorcycles, like the LEV class in Europe. Three wheel, non-leaning vehicles must be wider than comparable four wheel vehicles, for the same lateral stability. In addition, you can't miss potholes. Other than these drawbacks, a three wheeler can be made to do anything a four wheeler can.
I'd still rather have one of the winners that beat Aptera, in the X-Prize event.

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"When there's a collision, I want my child sitting in the center of the biggest, heaviest one."
Which leads to assured destruction.

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I bet if Aptera comes out with more cars, they will be 4-wheeled. There's a reason most vehicles have 4 wheels, and it's not because it's worse than 3.
I will be absolutely amazed if Aptera, or any three wheel car startup ever builds more vehicles than their initial funders money allows. I used to keep a list. I quit after I got past two dozen.
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Yeah so their whole thing is the tear drop, that's the genesis of their whole design.
I heard that all of the vehicles on Mars will be three wheelers. They will save 25% on shipping alone. 😂

Aptera is going to have to find a way to get the price down to $15K or less.
This is even less likely to be available in the US than Aptera. The numbers don't add up.

1700 pounds, and 300 mile range is nonsense. That is 683 pounds lighter than the last generation Mercedes built, Smart Fortwo. Even if it was twice as efficient as the Bolt, which it is not, that would require a 37.5 kWh battery at a absolute minimum weight of 450 pounds without liquid cooling. That leaves 1250 pounds for a car with Bolt sized drivetrain, airbags, crush areas, etc. Total BS.
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Dual motor, so, not a Bolt-sized drive train.
They mention a single motor option. The single motor option is presumable about half the weight and power of the Bolt equivalent dual motor.

"The company didn’t disclose the energy capacity of the battery pack, but it says that the single motor version can travel up to 500 km (300 miles) on a single charge."
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They've already scaled back the plans to do just that. They had actually originally planned to have 2 more versions already at this point being designed a 7 seater AND a 5 seater. They killed the 7 seater and pushed back the 5-seater. My theory is this definitive departure from those plans were heavily influenced by Sandy Munro's involvement coupled with the understanding of just how many regulations and approvals you need for a DOT/NHTSA-approved 4-wheeler.
Perhaps. That and the fact that supplies of everything, are much harder to come by than when they started.
The craziest thing is this car could have existed pretty much in spirit 20 years ago as a gasser. This could be a 1400 lb. 3 cylinder that does 0-60 in 4ish seconds that gets 70-100 mpg easily. The revolutionary aspect of the car is the designing around aerodynamics, the EV drive train is just the most efficient of the day that makes sense.

Efficiency has never been a big seller in the US, where energy has always been cheaper than anywhere, except possible the middle east. We will start to worry about efficiency when it is too in a decade.
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I would have to look up the capacity of the 1000 mile battery, but isn’t it like 60-70 kWh? Or less? The Cd is .19?
They are talking about a 100 kWh battery for that range....and a modified chassis. The smallest 25kWh makes the most sense, for a vehicle like this. For the vast majority of buyers, this is going to replace a sportscar/motorcycle/maxi-scooter/small commuter.
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Aptera is on ABRP now! I plotted some trips and noticed that it only gets half of the advertised range. So the 600 mile range is more like 320 highway miles. Much bigger decrement than any EV out there, I think.
Which battery are they figuring it has. From the website:

23, 41, 60 or 100 kW·h lithium-ion
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Arcimoto joined by Lightyear.

No side air bags. Stupid yoke of a wheel. Priced similar to a Bolt and by the time it is out, the equinox. Hard pass.
They are going bankrupt. The car you are seeing is the Lightyear 0, not the proposed production car. The SUV market is not what they are shooting for. There is a glut of vehicles in that market already.
I love the idea of a low cost / super efficient EV - but if it's not tops in safety no way me or any of my loved ones would get one.
This is THE Catch-22! As long as mass wins, all vehicles will just get bigger and less efficient. There are smarter ways to make vehicles safe, but that will never happen..
This is based on the old Corbin Sparrow.

Checkout Luke Workman's hotrod Sparrow video.

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