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Take a look at the Aptera .... not exactly a direct competitor to Bolt, but at $25K with 250 mile range, fascinating

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They started development of this several years ago, but were too far ahead of their time, and closed down.
Recently resuscitated looks like they might actually get to market this time.

It can apparently really be significantly charged but its own solar panels in many climate zones, and in one configuration has a 1000 mile range.

I actually put a $100 deposit on one to hold my place in line.

---- added notes FWIW after seeing others' comments ---
I ordered one with the 400 mile range. In truth with our pattern of use and the fact that the 250 mile version can be fully re-charged in an hour at a level-2 charger 250 would be plenty.
Of note and interest to me is that it has no drive train. The motors are right in the hubs. That means no CV-joints, etc, to fail.
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EV Enthusiasts: Average commute is 30 miles round trip. You don't need high range!
Also EV Enthusiasts: OMG! Look at how high the range on this vehicle is! Game changer!
Depends on how the fast charging system is on it I guess. I would imagine that it could cut a few hours out of a cross country trek if it charges at even 150 kW. I would have to look up the capacity of the 1000 mile battery, but isn’t it like 60-70 kWh? Or less? The Cd is .19?

A Taycan or M S is going to be several hundred miles away when the Aptera arrives in NYC.
500 miles is likely the absolute limit anyone would drive in a day, expect for a few diehard road warriors. When I was looking at a cross country trip to take a job detail a number of years ago, 5-600 miles was the most I was planning for. Government rules only require around 350 miles a day to be considered a full day's travel. A 500 mile car would likely be 400 miles under worst case weather/road conditions. Everyone is going to have to stop every so often for a bathroom break, and likely a food stop as well. Even travelling alone I was figuring on stopping every 2-3 hours, even if only for a quick stop. The car I was planning to take at the time had about a 500 mile range at freeway speeds (Niro PHEV).
That sounds about right for one driver. Tag team can drive forever.

The longest I recall driving in a day was Chula Vista to Campbell CA, which is right about there at ~500 miles. I remember it being excruciating getting through the general LA area, but otherwise just a lot of driving. I stopped once to fuel and grab a bit to eat while driving, and the trip was just about8 hours.

I was in my thirties then, and I was on the verge of having a headache.

No horse, I just think it’s pretty good to see a range like that. I have zero interest in an aptera, I would rather go open on a CanAm Spyder 3-wheeler. Can’t split lanes or anything, but those are a comfortable ride.

I did my house to Las Vegas on the ‘07 BMW K1200gt I sold about a year ago. 470 miles. I took stops when I felt like stopping, and I still made it in under 9 hours, and I was beat from being in the wind for that long. That’s a marathon day for any touring bike, and a K12gt is a sport tourer. But it was made for the autobahn, and will cruise comfortably at 100+ all day if you can avoid the law. I put the windscreen all the way up and sit in a engineered air bubble with almost no buffeting from the front. Luckily no major side wind; that is what will wear a motorcycle rider out.

I went on the beemer forum to brag and another guy just did almost 600 👀

I was beat and stayed a day to pull handles before going on to the Grand Canyon and eventually Carlsbad Caverns NM. A 2-week personal vacation and bucket list ride. It was awesome 😎
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Chula Vista?!? I lived most of my life there. We're like brothers. ;)
Sister of my ex and my brother-in-law lived there back in the day. He was a Navy private contractor (after several stints, and wasstationed at the SD Naval air station for awhile. I visited Tijuana of course. Had an issue with ‘no TP for my bunghole’ (literally) while dining/drinking at a fairly non-shudder looking restaurant/bar. Had to come back for napkins… B-in-law is laughing 😂 “I knew you would be back LOL!” 😉
Careful, or you'll go back on ignore :p
I got my 👀 on you Redpoint don’t be stirring up the 💩

I have you going on about ‘here’s what I do that nobody asked anyone about but I love to over-share’, while @MisterJJ just likes to over-rub people’s foe-paws (wrong avatar: you want Nelson (“Haw-Haw…”)

Guess who is going to go on ignore first?

👀 (😏)
Well, it is close. There's a reason that the nickname for Chula Vista is Chulajuana. My wife says I'm not really a white guy because I grew up in Chula Vista and married a Hispanic.
Do you have a black mustache and a sombrero?
No, seriously though, I bet you can speak Spanglish?

I think I have something wrong with me, because after working with almost no one but our brothers from the heritage south of us, sitting in the lunch room with the guys, and I don’t mind that the conversation is in Spanish, but I still always know that they are talking about me when they crack a joke, start laughing, and glance at me furtively…

! Cuidado… el jefe podria entender mas de lo que dice ! (Silencio)

Oh, I love making up Spanglish words just to get my wife riled up. In fact, my wife said that I wasn't "fully" Anglo so I said "Okay, but I'm a little bit Anglo... then call me Anglo-ito."
I want to give you a new handle: “Mister Esse”

Or how about “they call me Mellow Amarillo”?

I am dying to see a Tesla with dingle balls, tuck and roll, hydraulics, and painted purple metal flake. Maybe a soup can exhaust sticking out the rear? Small chain link chrome steering wheel? Mandatory foam dice on rear view…

I have seen some kustom charp chorts around my neck’s the woods 😉

I jest, my best friend is named Jose.
There's this:

Dude, I just saw a car like that yesterday evening cruise by my house, not a Tesla though.

I also have a neighbor 2 doors down with a pristine ‘63 Impala that is almost bone stock including original two-tone paint. Stock except for chrome rims. No dice or anything. It’s probably worth $65-70k. Keeps his baby garaged except for a couple drives a year, but he fires it up monthly and it’s got modified exhaust.

It gets my total approval 👍
My first car back in 1970 was a '63 Impala SS. Chrome wheels, and tuck and roll on the rear window deck. Other than that, I think it was stock. 327, 4 speed, no power windows, seat, steering or brakes. That car would be worth a bundle today.
About $65-70k with low mileage and cherry. I had to see what Israel’s is worth.

I had a 1945 Chevy half-ton I bought at an unannounced auction for the only bid of $100 in 1970. It was a war special issue truck belonging to the Palo Alto Fire Dept, and was very faded red, so my dad and I sprayed it with banana yellow Emron and I drove it to high school.

OHV straight 6, 4-speed floor shifter w/granny low first gear, a tilt-out windshield and dual side opening hoods, and zero chrome. We chromed a few parts like the grille and door handles. It had no turn signals, one brake light, and the gas tank was behind the seat in the cab ☠

It was screaming rpm at a 60 mph top speed, and got ~10 mpg at best. I sold it for $300 in 72, and bought a used ‘64 MG Midget for $100 more.

Cars were very cheap back then. A brand new Vette was about $3500-4000 back then. And that was expensive 🤑

Everyone always said after I told them it was a ‘45: ‘No way. It’s a 41 or a 46. There is no 45.” At a Chevrolet dealership no less. So I had to school them. They check the VIN and say ‘well I‘ll be…’

Looked like this except all yellow with a wood push bumper in front:

Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Motor vehicle

I wish I had it now somehow, but I couldn’t collect anything in my disjointed life. That’s a commitment by a perfectly pathed financial stability type person, not me.
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