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Take a look at the Aptera .... not exactly a direct competitor to Bolt, but at $25K with 250 mile range, fascinating

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They started development of this several years ago, but were too far ahead of their time, and closed down.
Recently resuscitated looks like they might actually get to market this time.

It can apparently really be significantly charged but its own solar panels in many climate zones, and in one configuration has a 1000 mile range.

I actually put a $100 deposit on one to hold my place in line.

---- added notes FWIW after seeing others' comments ---
I ordered one with the 400 mile range. In truth with our pattern of use and the fact that the 250 mile version can be fully re-charged in an hour at a level-2 charger 250 would be plenty.
Of note and interest to me is that it has no drive train. The motors are right in the hubs. That means no CV-joints, etc, to fail.
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it will probably be outlawed for the freeway, due to changing lanes without signaling. I can't see this being much more than a delivery car for pizzas.
But with more R&D it could be a future commuter.
Already ordered one. AWD, max battery, max solar. Obviously, cost goes up with options. Max speed 110 mph. Gets licensed as an "autocycle" in most states. Have to wear a helmet in NH, only state.
And for icing on the cake... Did you notice 0 to 60mph in 3.5 seconds for the AWD version? (The two wheel drive version does "only" 5.5 seconds zero to 60.馃槈
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1000 range
Yeah.... I thought I forgot in my starter post to mention that it's available in that impressive 1000 mile range option ... As for some that 1000 mile range can be the deal-maker. But even in the bargain priced 250 mile range configuration it's arguably a pretty good long-trip-option. Here's why: The 250 mile range one has a 25kwhr battery. That can be topped up pretty darn quick (even at a level-2 charger) compared to our 65kwhr ones. One relatively short charging stop and practically speaking even the shortest range configuration is a viable for 400+ mile trips.

But yeah.. What a difference ... with a 1000 mile usable range can take off on a 700 mile trip without having to think about and plan charging stops.
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Perfect car for me. Zone 4 says 25 miles per day without charging. $25,900 sounds good. How fast can it go?
They claim over 100 mph... with them having put a cap on it at 110mph.
The powered front wheels only version (what you'd be getting for $25K) is claimed to do zero to sixty in 5.5 seconds. (2021 Bolt does 0 to 60 in 6.4 seconds.) In short, by most standards, certainly mine, more speed and acceleration than I need or even long for.
Current tire size 195/45 R16. Uses dynamic thrust for stability. You can mount snow tires.
Hey... Can you maybe do a brief explanation of what "dynamic thrust" is? Or point to a link on it?
I already have a sub $25K EV with a 250 mile range(259 mile EPA rating actually).

Paid $23K for a 2021 Chevy Bolt Premier. :D
I'm in that same boat with you. I paid $21.5K net for my 2021 Bolt. And in many ways it's more car than the Aptera. Can easily take me, wife, one friend and one dog in back seat, and one extra dog in the hatch back. And, unlike the Aptera can roll it in to most any of over 3000 existing authorized service departments on the very rare occasions it might need attention. We love our Bolts. So not in any hurry to replace our Bolt with an Aptera. But our second car (we do occasionally need two) is an ICE car and an Aptera might replace that. And the idea of being able to run more of our miles on sunlight is attractive.

But, here's the thing for others... you and me got into our Bolts at a unique window. No one today can buy a 250 mile EV for anywhere near 25K solar charged or not. And if you want or need a 400 mile range EV you can get that in an Aptera for $30K, but would have to spend about $80K+ (2022 Lucid Air Dream Edition R, etc.) any other way.
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Do apartment dwellers in general behave similar to homeowners with regard to financial discipline? I've only lived in an apartment once, and that was because my wife accepted a job, we packed up the 4-bedroom house, and moved into a 2-bedroom all in 4 days time. Then we had a kid. At the end of the 18mo lease, we had purchased a home. The rent on that 2-bedroom apartment is way higher than the mortgage/taxes/insurance on my 4-bedroom house. The utilities at the apartment are more because everything is electric and nothing was chosen for efficiency.

While I was there, I observed many new or otherwise expensive cars parked in the lot. There goes a downpayment on a house. Constant pizza and other food deliveries. People who drive large trucks (and live at an apartment). People watch TV all day.

That's not to say there aren't financially responsible people that rent......

......All that said, I find myself also lacking sympathy for those unwilling to make the sacrifices I am willing to make. For example, I voluntarily lived in my car for 2 years. .......

I was visiting someone living in a home at 8500 feet in Aspendel CA. Tiny community in the eastern Sierras. Population about 500. Last house on the upslope. SPECTACULAR view up the valley slope.

The owner told me one visitor once said to her "I'd give anything to live in a place like this." She explained that she replied "No you wouldn't. If you would you'd be living here."
Went on to explain to me that they gave up high paying careers and high incomes, and easy access to metro conveniences and safety, t access to the beach, and access to many social connections o live there.
Then you agree with me, in the end. It's a toy, like a Miata for exemple. You drive it in weekends during sunny days.
My son has a pre-2000 Miata. With over 200,000 miles on it without a single signficant repair. It's his primary, first choice, transportation car (uses a 1968 pickup truck if he needs to move something)... not a toy for him.
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