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Tesla Wall Charger Communication error

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I have a Tesla Wall Connector that I installed last year & have been using the JDapter with no issues up until the last week. I've since developed an intermittent communication error (6 red flashes on charger) that either doesn't allow charging or shuts off charging if it has started. I had the fortunate opportunity to try another, not as used, JDapter last night and no issues.
Anyone else experience similar problems & if so, what the fix was? Plugs, terminals, receiver etc. all look fine.
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This is another sticky issue with EV's in general. Clearly, people have to get accustomed to the limitations of range, speed to charge, where you can charge, planning lunches that you really wouldn't take but you'll lie to yourself and tell all of us and yourself you read a book, ate a sandwich and found God for a charge on the 200 mile trip, but the one aspect that will give a bad rep to the technology is flat out failing to get a charge. I have talked to people who have been frustrated with the; 'you have to lift the cord, remove tension to initiate the charge' issue and that's manageable for those that are aware of it. However, I'm worried that gremlins in all aspects of failed charging is a black eye that the industry I hope is addressing. I myself have had to move my car from pedestal to pedestal to find a working unit, whether it's a card reader or something else.

In any case, I hope you don't have any issues in the future.
Looks like Nissan has a comment on this particular topic...

Using this Tesla to J1772 adaptor to charge a Bolt with the regular Tesla charger is more kw than a standard L2 J1772 correct? (9kw I believe rather than 6kw)
Nope, charging is the lower of either EVSE or car. The Bolt is limited to 32A, so 7.2 kW @240V.
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So the adapter is only useful if there is no J1772 L2 or CCS around?
Pretty much.
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