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EV cars like Tesla and other in this price range are good for as long there is warranty and it happen you are using it for business and deduct miles traveling.
And after it's out of warranty it will be financiall suicide even for people who can afford battery replacement and other Powertrain parts.
Where on other side Bolt parts are very cheap and even new battery pack is 12 000 dollars new.
Now looking at size and other aspects that EV like Tesla can offer is another story.
But for most people who look to keep EV for long term and can spend 12 000 dollars for new pack when time comes is priceless.
Now don't forget that most of Tesla propulsion units use sealed bearings on the rotor ( and they are not serviceable by Tesla model) vs Bolt design that have bearings lubrication from propulsion unit ( open style rotor bearings) and serviceable.
What Tesla have is transmission capable to run 1 million miles but sealed bearings on the rotor that turn 17000 + rpm are not going to last that long.
I have been personally inside the Tesla propulsion units and Bolt propulsion units ( and what GM engineers said that they built it tough like small block V8) There are a lot of engineering design in Bolt, like in line rotor and half shafts that are better than off set design like Tesla.
So that is why they sticking to this design for future projects. And by looking at the parts and materials they are most expensive to make versus many other in the EV world.
I like Tesla and own them but I will never keep them past the warranty or more than 100k miles.
Good luck to all that become new owners once they are out of warranty. Be ready to have 20-30k dollars spare saving on top of purchase of used Tesla.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts