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The 20/20 Challenge

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I just got close to 400 miles on one charge. Not in a specially designed marathon, but in my daily commute over the course of 3 weeks.

I only did two main things:
Used zero heat or air conditioning.

Accelerated at 20 kW or less and braked at 20 kW or less. *When feasible.

So I'm calling this the "20/20 Challenge".

Challenge yourself to accelerate at 20 kW or less. This is not as difficult as it sounds. This is faster acceleration than an 18 wheel truck, and about the same acceleration as the smallest horsepower economy gas car. A bit more gentle than most, but I did it for 3 weeks in the SF Bay Area and never got honked at once.
* I say "whenever able". Exceptions are allowed. The freeway on-ramp is one place I had to break my own rule...if traffic was flowing at the speed limit. If I could look ahead and see the freeway was jammed, then no need to sprint down the on-ramp. I kept it under 20 kW in those cases. Once on the freeway keep it at 60 mph or less. You will see you will have no trouble keeping it under 20 kW at 60 mph or less. Hills are the exception. For me bridges are hills, and I had to exceed 20 kW for those brief instances going up bridge

Braking: I used L almost exclusively. Love one pedal mode. BRAKE at 20 kW or less. When able. Don't hit anyone! I found this even more of a challenge and you have to break the rule and "brake" to not hit others. But when you have a lot of room, try braking at 20 kW or less.

I'd say I kept acceleration under 20 kW 90% of the time.

I'd say I kept braking under 20 kW 75% of the time.

I kept speed under 60 mph 100% of the time. 55 or less 95% of the time.

Temperatures 48 to 72 degrees.
The end result:
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Don't forget your sign!

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..... a super aerodynamic sporty looking futuristic style is what I would like....
A lot of EV makers think that's what is wanted. Some outrageously so...:rolleyes:

Me? I need a hatchback.(y)
So, speaking of styling...
Bolt is too tall for me. I bet if it was shorter, energy use would be better (lower)....
By how much, if the roof line was ~ 3" lower?
Some like the seat height while getting in and out of the car, the 'H' spec?
I find it so high I have to sit and scooch on the left side bolster and it will wear out first.

But what're you gonna do? The Bolt is a bargain long range EV!
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