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"...the Chevy Bolt EV...would have been the Cadillac XT4.”

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In the article linked below concerning lessons learned from the life and death of the Chevy Volt, I thought these were interesting comments:

The problem, suggests auto analyst Rebecca Lindland, was that “Chevrolet is not an aspirational brand for innovators and early adopters.”

Analyst Lindland* echoes Posawatz's** thought.

Asked what GM learned from the Volt, she responded, “Not enough, or else the Chevy Bolt EV would have been the Cadillac XT4.”
(*founder of
(**product manager for the 2011 Volt)
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It's at least as much a perception problem. Chevy has some great products, but if I were to do word association with Chevy (before the Bolt), the first words out of my mouth would have been Aveo, Impala, Sonic. I imagine most of the public associates Chevy with trucks and economy cars.

Cadillac needs a good marketing campaign to change perception that it's not just for old people, while not alienating their older base.
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