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The math behind min/max calculations, and the energy usage score

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I've been curious about the "Min" and "Max" values on the left side of the enhanced display, so I did some math and I think I've cracked the code. The min and max values are simply the current estimate give or take 18%. For this example, for the min take 225 and multiply by 0.82 to get 184.5. For the max take 225 and multiply by 1.18 to get 265.5. If we assume that the current estimate is rounded so that the actual value is in the range 264.5 to 265.5 then it works out for every example I've seen.

The energy usage score is simply the sum of the four category. For this example 2.3 - 0.1 - 5.0 - 0.1 = -2.9. That may be obvious, but what it means is interesting - each category's contribution to driver efficiency has equal weight. Also each incremental step has the same weight regardless of where it is. The "Help" button at the top is worth a quick read, but I'm still not sure exactly how each category is calculated.

In spite of the above I've decided that my preferred way of deciding how my decisions (acceleration, climate, whatever) impact efficiency is to keep an eye on the "Average" toward the bottom of the enhanced display since I can reset it with each adjustment that I'm curious about.
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Note that the Usage Score for the Climate Control slider immediately goes to -5 if you ever turn on the heat. Also, if you preheat without being plugged in, even for a few minutes each time, you can easily chew up 20% of your total energy consumption.
This doesn't jive with my experience. I precondition unplugged in 45F mornings with my HVAC set for 74F, fan speed at "1", and air routed to the feet and windows. I thoroughly enjoy the 20min preheat (much better than the Volt, which only had 10 min preheat increments) increment of the Bolt and only notice maybe 5-10 miles of range lost (so 2-5%). Far from 20% of my total energy usage.
When you preheat on battery, AT FIRST, when you have driven only 1-2 miles, it may indicate that 20% of the energy expended THUSFAR was for climate control (actually it is at 100% before you have driven any at all). That percentage will quickly reduce as you drive, especially if you turn off the heat! Sometimes it is still at 10% when I get to work, but I have never had it END UP at more than 4-5% over a full charge.
AH! That makes sense. One1whaoo, if you drive about 20 miles then look at the total energy usage since last full charge, you should see that 20% drop down to easily 5% (assuming you stopped using HVAC). I keep the same settings as I mentioned before (forgot, I also had RECIRC on) and on my 100 mile commutes, by the end of the day I only use 2% climate. I only have HVAC on during the morning to keep warm but in the evening, it's warm enough I don't need HVAC at all (like mid 60s degF).
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