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Things I've bought for my new Bolt

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What else should a new owner of a Bolt get?
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What else should a new owner of a Bolt get?
I love your list (though more robust than mine needs to be) and the question.

I would add "Two cans of fix-a-flat."
Yes, the tires are supposed to be self sealing... But you might still need some additional air pressure even if the built in sealer works.
Similarly...A small portable 12volt compressor/tire inflator.
such as 12V Tire Inflator and Repair System .
A tire repair kit of the plug type such as .

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An inverter, you can run things in your house if you lose power.

Looks like that inverter would be connected directly to the 12 V battery. And that鈥檚 a pretty wimpy battery. It鈥檚 not clear whether when the car is off the main battery would keep the 12 V charged?

Or on the other hand if you鈥檇 have to keep the car turned on in which case that鈥檚 not ideal as the trains a bit of power just to keep it in standby mode.

And that inverter supplies a maximum of 1.5 kW, which is better than nothing when the power is down (could run some lights, one refrigerator maybe...but a tiny fraction of when you could run in the house on a fully charged Bolt if there were a way to do that More directly off the main battery.
Yes, you'd have to keep the Bolt on using car wash mode or something similar. EV Extend even has a kit with accessible power connectors attached to the Bolt:

It's tempting. I actually have a small 1600W (2000W peak) gas generator / inverter....

At 1500W, the Bolt could handle those loads, and it's a lot easier to hook it up in the garage than setting up the generator outside in a beach tent during a storm. .....
Yeah, I actually have a 7000 watt generator/inverter. As you say it's a PITA to set up, fairly noisy, and with manual pull cord starting at my age (my arms aren't as strong as they were when I was 50), so for a short blackout for modest use (refrigerator, chargers, a few lights, the cable modem, and just a small bit of wattage to allow the gas central heater furnace to be able to run) tapping into the up to 66 kilowatt hours of stored, quiet, power supply easily sounds pretty tempting.
I wonder how much power the Bolt itself draws when just on in "idle" or carwash mode. (Guess that's easy enough to check on the dashboard.)

(BTW: At ]EV Extend - Inverter Kit for 2017-2021 Chevrolet Bolt EV
there are four kits. Oddly two appear identical by differ in price by $30.)

Mouse traps?
Wow! You have a good point.
I had one older ICE car essentially totaled by mice.
And my son in law had $1000 damage (wiring) by rodents on his Audi.
It's possible that the insurance we have on our cars might even have a rodent damage exclusion. I know many homeowners' policies do exclude that.

Perhaps better than mouse traps might be this repellent spray under the hood.
I've had SOME success keeping rodents out of the garage with this stuff: .
If you google
rodent repellent spray for cars
You'll get lots of hits.. including other rodent repellent proposed solutions.
Don't now if any work, but most of them fall into the "might work and can't hurt, and not expensive" category.

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The $30 difference is the remote switch. If you don't need the quick connect hardware, an inverter itself is less than $300: : 1500 watt inverter pure sine wave
Wait , wait.....
The quick connect is to quickly connect to the 12 volt battery without having to attach to it's terminals with a wrench?
And the remote switch is to turn the inverter off and on without opening the hood of the car?

"...Aootf License Plate Screws Anti Theft - Stainless Steel - if you live where this sort of thing happens...."

Reminds me of a sign in Fresno California parking lot:
"Lock your car.
This is Fresno, no Fairyland."

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