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Thoughts on how long the EV will remain available?

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I am looking to buy a Bolt EV and am trying to decide whether I need to snap one up now or if I can afford to wait. I have seen the news that 2023 will probably be the last model year, but I can't get a straight answer from the dealer what that means in terms of when they will be sold out.

Anyone who recently bought or ordered the EV, have you heard anything about this? Is Chevy even still accepting orders?
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The Bolt was never meant as a money maker. Originally it was a stepping stone to an all EV lineup. They learned a lot from it, they tried OTA but had issues, so when they do OTA for real with the Silverado I expect it will be down pat now. Many design features are being carried forward, the entire safety system (which used to be Premium trim only), the dash charging light, oh a bunch of other little things I found that survived into the next gen.

Anyhow I think it was also a market prep for EV’s, and was supposed to be done by now, but with this and that, and the Bolt suddenly becoming really popular, they‘re using it as a platform to get the market really primed for Ultium cars. Worked with me - I have a Silverado reservation.

I’ll guess that it will grandfather when Ultium is really being produced, say 2025.
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