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Tinted windows Bolt EV (Ontario, Canada)

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Hi guys,
I know the law only allows 35% tinting on the driver and passanger window but I was wondering what you guys have done regarding the % for the backseat passengers’ windows and the back window? I wanted as dark as possible but I’m afradi of not being able to see through the back window while driving at night.
On the other hand I do not want ppl to see what I am carrying should I have the backseats down...

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I do miss the factory dark glass that was on my Buick Encore, I could keep things on the back load floor, I didn't have to worry about people seeing anything.

You had to get right next to the window to see what was back there, at that point its obvious that they are up to no good.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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