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Tire aligment-is the Bolt a killer?

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I have driven around 9500 miles since purchasing my Bolt in December 2017. When recently getting it inspected for a DMV sticker, the service rep strongly implied I should have the tires aligned at a cost of $118, stating that the Bolt is a killer on tires.

When I spoke to the technician who performed the test, he said the tires were only minimally out of balance and I could wait until my next service call in.

When driving on the NYS Thruway, I do not notice any drift to the right or left and I try to keep it at 55-60, depending on the weather.

Question: is the Bolt a tire killer? If so, is it better to pay $118 now to extend the life and safety of the tires, or should I wait for the next service call in?
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drdiesel1, could you amplify your post about front end alignment for a newbie? My 2019 car does not have lane keep assist and so forth; are there still electronics sensing the steering position? And could you expand the acronyms? I've got LKA, but what are PBA, EBS, and SWPS, please and thank you?

"The Bolt's alignment
isn't something you want non qualified shops doing. The Bolt
has a camera for the LKA, PBA, EBS, and other functions.

It's tied into the cars SWPS and will require a system recalibration
with a special targeting map and the proper scan tool to perf. this
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