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Toll Transponder placement on 2021 Bolt Premier windshield

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I have had several "Toll Unpaid" signals with PANYNJ EZ-Pass, and my monthly ledger shows delayed account reimbursements that appear to be related to license plate scanning rather than showing my transponder number. I found few posts here about the Subject issue, but this one,

has the advice

1) Passenger side
2) Just outboard of the dustpan
3) Just below where the glass transitions from shaded to clear

However, the attached photo shows that I (accidentally) followed exactly this advice. I concede that I'm actually touching the shading border, but I placed the transponder so that I could not see it behind the rearview mirror, a possible item 4 on the quoted list. This photo is posted upright, so the transponder is vertical (Edit: the lettering reads like the spine of a book-the photo below shows exactly what you see live, seated in the front passenger seat), as opposed to the way I had it in my previous cars, which didn't have the big "dustpan" installation.

Does anyone have additional data on this issue? Thanks.


Not to change the subject, the Port Authority of NJ & NJ uses NY State's "list" of high-mileage vehicles, and NY State still has not certified Bolts later than 2019. That means that I no longer get the (substantial) discount for a "Clean Pass" vehicle that I used to get with my 2015 Prius.

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Here in WA we have a slightly different transponder, but I'm sure they operate the same way. I have mine placed to the left of the mirror, near the top of the windshield. It's hidden when the sun visor is used. It's never been an issue in close to a dozen cars I've had. I've only used it once in the Bolt, but since I haven't been notified of anything it must have worked.
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