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TPMS Sensors for Winter Tires

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I have a EUV LT, how can I find out what TPMS numbers I can use on this car? Has anyone already bought sensors for this car? Thanks, in advance
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I have a 2020 Bolt LT and have the same question. I've seen a few different part numbers listed on this forum and conflicting info on the AC Delco / other part supplier sites about which are the correct OEM TPMS part for my vehicle. I've also seen 315MHz and 433 MHz, or both. Does anyone have this info?

AC Delco says part #13516165 for a 2019-2021 Bolt EV, and I tend to trust this since they are the OEM supplier.

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But others on this site have referred to several other part numbers for 2017-2019 Bolts. AC Delco says 13598772 or 13598773.

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Then there's this list which was posted referring to TPMS which work with the Volt and supposedly the Bolt, but that's from 2018 and I don't know if the parts have changed for 2019-2022 Bolts.

I assume there's a bunch of part numbers which may be compatible, but I just need to know one for certain that works with my 2020...
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Thanks all, this helps clear things up. The sticker on the fob on my keychain is all worn off, but the sticker on my spare keyfob for my 2020 US Bolt says 315M as well. So I鈥檒l look for 315MHz TPMS.

I鈥檓 also very interested in the Michelin 鈥淴-ice Snow鈥 tire, but looks like Costco (best price by far) is out of stock. Meanwhile I鈥檓 waiting to get the 16鈥 Cruze wheels my brother picked up for me so I can actually get them mounted. Hoping Costco auto will be cool with me providing the sensors and them doing the work installing and mounting everything.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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