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TPMS Sensors for Winter Tires

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I have a EUV LT, how can I find out what TPMS numbers I can use on this car? Has anyone already bought sensors for this car? Thanks, in advance
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I have the same car and the same question; So far, the best cue I found is that the TMPS frequency is the same as the key FOBs. Mine read 433 on the spare key sticker.
The other thing I read was that GM now uses 315 MHz for Bolts in the US and 433 MHz for other locations. (I live in Canada) so, it adds up so far.

I have also called GM and waiting for their call back once they found the answer based on my car's VIN.

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I looked at my FOB and it says 433 so I am going to order the that freq. And yes I am in Ontario in Niagara
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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