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TuxMat for 2022+ Bolt EUV Now Available

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Just got the updates in email yesterday that the Bolt EUV specific TuxMat sets for front, rear and trunk are now available to order:

Chevrolet Bolt EUV Custom Car Mats with Max Coverage | TuxMat
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For those of you considering all weather mats for the EUV....yours truly was the guinea pig for TuxMat.
They used my EUV to do the measurements, test the prototype set and take pictures for the website.
All went well and the mats are now available.
My Pacifica is outfitted with WeatherTech so I hope to do some side by side comparisons over time....mostly winter since we go back to cloth in the van during the summer.
I've attached the pictures they took during the installation in case you want to have a peek.


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I ordered them for the full interior, including the top trunk level. I'll post pics once installed.
I didn't see this and started a new thread on it yesterday.
TuxMat actually used my EUV to do the measurements and test fit of the prototypes....I've had the mats installed since April and I attached the pictures that they took for reference.
They have also posted the pics on their website.
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I see there is another thread started on this subject. I'll leave this one here since I have the pics attached and moderators can merge however you see fit.
How do they fair on heavy winters? I have only used MaxSpider 3d mats and they are fantastic...
Mine were just installed in April so more like slush season around here.
I was happy with the clean up and they look good enough that I left them in all summer.
I got mine during slush season and the water says put on the mat.
They are more flexible than the Weathertech.
Years ago I worked on accessory mats for GM -- so I continue to be partial to the material quality of OEM developed product. I ordered the Bolt Mat opt-out in lieu of the protection package for $250.

BobBolt; 2022 chevrolet Bolt EUV, thanks for adding pics! I didn't know about Tuxmats outside of this forum -- wow, these are the most well thought out protective mats I have ever seen! 2nd row heel kick feature and the 2-level cargos??!! NICE! For $300 including upper cargo, these are a bargain! I would absolutely have to get the lower cargo too. Note: I see cargos are not released yet. Weathertech is now my former favorite!
The coverage is excellent for sure. The cargos should be available鈥鈥檝e got them and I think they鈥檙e also in the pics.
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