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Twin Cities getting out of Gas

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Hello. You can call me Z. I live in a suburb of St. Paul, MN. I ordered a Bolt Premier (White) with DC Fast charging about a month ago. Just got an email from the dealer saying that its on its train ride from Michigan. I'm really pumped. So much so my wife just leaves the room if I start talking about cars. I installed my Level 2 Juice Box 40 Pro this weekend. Next weekend my father in law is coming to help me finish of the circuit to the plug. I should be taking delivery in about 2 weeks. See how long it takes me to sell my old ICE and get over to the dealer.

Glad to be here. I have been watching the forums for a couple of months now.

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Welcome aboard. We applaud your enthusiasm. Ask questions and share experiences. You have a committed audience. We learn from each other. Join the EAA (National Electric Auto Association, $35).
Welcome to the forum, Zulfikar - and best of luck for a speedy arrival of your Bolt. I'm playing the waiting game too, so I fully understand your excitement. I've been signing up for charging networks and perusing Level 2 chargers to try to bleed off some of the impatience...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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