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Two tone, black top

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Honest opinions, be hard if you hate it. So I've had this rolling around in my head for awhile now, now that I have a Redline on order, I kind of actually want to follow through, thoughts? How much is this going to cost me to wrap that roof?

Here's black top on white from a quick Photoshop.:
Tire Wheel Car Vehicle Automotive side-view mirror

Here are the Redline accents:
Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Car

Hood Automotive lighting Window Automotive mirror Motor vehicle

Automotive design Grey Carbon Denim Tints and shades

And here's my Kona Electric sporting a very similar color scheme, I painted the wheels black. So we'd be a penguin family:

Wheel Tire Car Vehicle Automotive tire
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It's one of those things. It looks good, but do you want to be trying to look like you had something else?

Example. I see people installing aftermarket sequential turn signals. While it looks good, part of me thinks they should have bought an Audi.
Actually if you could figure out how to wire the rear running lights to be brake and turn signals too, I would be very interested. That's the part I hate the most on the 2022.
I actually thinks it's safer. Most drivers are trained to look up there for brake lights.
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I would get the redline package just for the wheels without needing the launch edition. But I would remove those red accents personally.
I think the wheels, it's painted on so you'd have to re-powdercoat the wheels, right? Not worth.

The mirrors should be easy enough.
I thought they were stickers or vinyl, like some of the aftermarket wheels I've seen with red trim. But I can be wrong.
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Go find a Traverse or a camaro with the red trim wheels. If those are stickers, then for sure they wouldn't paint the Bolt.

I do like the badging.
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