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I have read several articles in which the writer has call the Bolt ugly. I beg to differ. While I do think it might lose a beauty contest to a Lamborghini, I sure wouldn't call the Bolt ugly. I and my family think it's reallycute. In any event beauty is only skin deep. One must look beneath its outer coverings to see the all of the Bolt's beauty.
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When my turn came up to configure the Model 3, I tried everything short of threatening divorce to get my wife to take the Model 3. But she HATED everything about it...
I'll marry you...>:)

The Bolt EV is cute.
I have literally gotten this quote from nice lady who passed by while I was loading groceries. I blame the fresh car wash making my Bolt all shiny and glinty.

Personally I think it is bland and generic, but not ugly.
This is exactly what I thought of the Bolt. Guess I'm a sedan person since I loved my 2017 Volt's style even though it was thought of as generic and very similar to other sedans. Though, I've gotten more complements on my Volt than my Bolt: 5+ vs 2.
1 - 1 of 54 Posts
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