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I have read several articles in which the writer has call the Bolt ugly. I beg to differ. While I do think it might lose a beauty contest to a Lamborghini, I sure wouldn't call the Bolt ugly. I and my family think it's reallycute. In any event beauty is only skin deep. One must look beneath its outer coverings to see the all of the Bolt's beauty.
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People who so profess distain or anger toward a vehicle鈥檚 appearance (and then projects to the owner) have always bewildered me. Are they just shallow Or maybe those people who were bully鈥檚 in high school?

I鈥檝e always loved the sleek lines and beauty of automobiles. But, like people, it鈥檚 how the car treats me is how that respect is truest earned. Also, I鈥檝e always routed for the underdogs and having owned nearly 60 vehicles in my lifetime, my faves have been the beloved Aztek (x4), Scion Xb, Smart Four Two, VW 412, Peugeot 1007... and more.

the Bolt has a a certain high roofline and stubby nose similar to European cars which I find very attractive. The lines are clean and it serves the purpose it鈥檚 intended for. Some of that dislike of appearance may just be a subconscious dislike of electric. Some people get really mad about EV鈥檚 and the threat they pose to their lifestyle (whatever that is).
Me too. Then again, I drive a Prius. I'm not above driving unattractive vehicles, as I view them as appliances designed to accomplish a task.

Some might see a vehicle as an extension of their personality, but I'm not inclined that way. Never cared much to fit in when in elementary school and care even less as an adult. I may have been born old.
I am you... our other car is a Prius... and I don鈥檛 fit in. I鈥檓 a 55 year old EMO. Lol
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